Candioli Start Rec 4
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Candioli Start Rec 4

Candioli Start Rec 4

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Start-Rec 4 complementary feed for an optimal athletic performance of the sport horse.
4 actions:
1 fluid and electrolyte balance
2 buffer activity
3 antioxidant and anti-stress protection
4 metabolic and muscle recovery

Start-Rec 4

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Energy, recovery, buffer, osmosis

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    Box of 20 bs of 40 g

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Composition :
Sodium chloride (Na 39%) - Maltodextrin - Sodium bicarbonate (Na 27.5%) - Potassium chloride (K 52%) - Magnesium sulphate (Mg 9.8%) - Calcium gluconate (Ca 9.3%) – Schisandra chinensis dry extract (standardized and titrated 2% in schisandrine) – Vitamin C – Dimethylglycine

Indications :
Product particularly suitable for restoring normal metabolic conditions in the event of intense physical exertion. Normalizes the electrolyte and acid-base balance altered in case of copious sweating; facilitates metabolic and muscle recovery, improving muscle oxygenation and buffering the negative effect of lactic acid accumulation. Increases resistance to fatigue and improves sports performance .

Doses and use :
Administer the product at the rate of one sachet in the morning and one in the evening in the three days preceding the competition or intense effort, and one sachet per day for ten or more days for a more prolonged effect during training periods. Thoroughly mix the contents of the sachet into the food. Provide the subject with water to drink at will.
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Start-Rec 4

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