Candioli Gastrorace
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Candioli Gastrorace

Candioli Gastrorace

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Energy and gastric protection for your horse's competition

Candioli gastro race pasta 3 syringes 50 ml, energy and gastric protection for the competition.

GastroRace provides branched chain amino acids (l-Leucine, l-Isoleucine, l-Valine) capable of providing readily available energy for muscular effort. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of buffer substances and promugel, it is able to guarantee effective gastric protection against stress-induced hyperacidity.

Promugel is a mucilage complex capable of protecting the mucosa from excessive gastric acidity, thanks to the formation of a protective viscous gel. GastroRace acts quickly and can be used in those subjects who are already habitually subjected to gastroprotective treatments.

Administer 1 syringe directly into the horse's mouth 1-2 hours before competition. In case of competitions spread over several days, administer 1 syringe a day in the same way for all the necessary days.

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