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Devil's Claw Pomade

The devil's claw, or harpagophytum procumbens, can be defined as the benefactor of the joints as it finds indications in the treatment of arthrosis, rheumatism and other painful articular manifestations. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity has been proven by authoritative scientific investigations: studies carried out on arthritic subjects have shown that the use of the Claw significantly relieves pain, clearly improving joint mobility and elasticity.

The formulation of devil's claw ointment includes:

Capsicum : derived from hot pepper, with a warming effect, it is a vasodilator and pain reliever; performs a thermoactive action reducing the risk of lactic acid formation and greater oxygenation;

Methyl salicylate : vasodilator and analgesic;

Cinnamon : warming effect;

Rosemary : relieves joint and muscle pain, dissolves uric acid which hardens the tissues forming oedemas;

Lavender : anti-inflammatory effect;

Lemon : stimulates lymphatic and venous circulation;

Arnica: powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-traumatic indicated for edema and swelling.

Devil's claw is universally known today, so much so that it can be a valid substitute for classic anti-inflammatory treatments.

The parts used of the plant are the lateral excrescences of the root, they contain sugars, amino acids, sterols, fats and waxes. These principles are responsible for the analgesic and relaxing action of the muscles.

The plant also gives good results in the treatment of sports ailments such as tendonitis.


Apply and massage abundantly the devil's claw cream directly on the skin until completely absorbed. Keep out of eyes. After use, wash your hands thoroughly.

Professional product of vegetable origin not tested on animals, without silicones, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, dea and sls.

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