EQUITIME endurance Saddlepad pad TRIPLE LAYER FLEECE


TRIPLE THICKNESS for maximum comfort and optimal protection of the endurance horse's back



If the color is not available, it will be put into production and shipped within 5 to 10 working days


Made of top quality soft FLEECE. This
material has been known for years in the medical field for its anti-decubitus properties, thanks to the hollow section fibre, it improves breathability and reduces pressure on the horse's hair. Material that has always been highly appreciated in endurance disciplines because it does not absorb water or sweat.

Triple padding model, suitable for all horses and all types of endurance saddle .

The polyester used in this Saddlepad is of the highest quality, guaranteeing a long life of several years and easy daily maintenance. It can be washed in the washing machine or even by hand with soap and water, using an iron curry comb to remove the most stubborn dirt.

It is possible to customize the Saddlepad with your team's logo and colours, contact us.


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