Burioni Saddlepad Endurance Fit Grip Race

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The choice of color refers to the synthetic fleece, the rest of the Saddlepad is black. You can contact us for totally customized colors.



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endurance Saddlepad mod. RACE GRIP FIT


SYNTHETIC FLEECE (in contact with the horse): this material has been known for years in the medical field for its anti-decubitus properties, thanks to the hollow section fibre, it improves breathability and reduces pressure on the horse's hair. Material that has always been highly appreciated in the endurance discipline because it does not absorb water or sweat.

EVA SHOCK ABSORBER (in contact with the saddle ): this product is made of EVA, a new very light thermoplastic material, which offers the horse and rider a series of truly unique advantages such as the padding which guarantees little space under the saddle but which it is highly effective and breathable for the horse's back, thanks to a sophisticated ventilation and air supply system.

The special and innovative structure of these compensators is in fact composed of a multitude of small swellings with lateral holes which allow for intense, horizontally oriented air circulation. As well as generating a cooling airflow that keeps the horse's rear perfectly dry, the bulges also create a cushioning effect by absorbing shocks each time they are compressed and released.

Eva shock absorber features:

- Waterproof

- Easy maintenance

- Non toxic

- Environmentally friendly material

- Resistant to high temperature fluctuations, such as in the desert

DRY FIT (inner Saddlepad ): internal padding of the Saddlepad , the particular reticulated geometry makes this material extremely light, breathable, antibacterial, antifungal and quick drying

TT FABRIC (outer fabric): the property of TT fabrics is that they have a cavity in their structure that allows free circulation of air, guaranteeing perfect breathability.

Furthermore, TT fabrics have the following characteristics:

They are HYGIENIC, their particular ventilated structure, in addition to drastically reducing perspiration, avoids the stagnation of humidity inside the material, consequently reducing the formation of bacteria;

They are WASHABLE, due to their structure they have extremely short drying times;

They are RESISTANT, given their composition in 100% PES;

They are RECYCLABLE, a now imperative requirement for the protection of the environment.

Saddlepad measurements: length 62cm, width 52cm Weight: 1.3 kg

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