Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
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Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air
Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air

Stable Boots Front Magneto Therapeutic Air

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Magneto-therapeutic Front Stable Boots Air


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The Feltlock boots from rest “THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT BOOT AIR” are equipped with 18 magnetic devices whichthey improve cellular functions, providing natural therapeutic support from the hoof to the shin and for reflexology to the entire horse.


I am2 products in 1, since in addition to the therapeutic functionthey provide support to the suspensory ligaments and containment of the tendon system, for use during horse transport and to reduce typical post-work swelling.They are 100% made in Italy, equipped with an interchangeable underband in COOLMAX® (a special fiber that transports moisture to the external surface of the fabric, keeping the skin dry). On the external surface, at the height of the pastern-fetlock, there is a protection to reduce wear due to rubbing. The Bandages elastic bands with Velcro closure are calibrated to optimize tendon support, ensuring comfort and adhesion.


The permanent magnets used are composed of ahighly magnetic Neodymium alloy, Iron and Boron with Nickel coating, capable of exertingmagnetic induction of 2600 Gauss each.


The specific arrangement of the magnets, their flux density, intensity and polarization, have been studied in collaboration with veterinarians and professional riders to maximize thelocalized increase in vascular blood flow and lymphatic circulation, with multiple beneficial effects:




By exploiting reflexology, i.e. by magnetically stimulating the reflex points (Ting) located on certain meridians of the horse (the same ones used for acupuncture), moderate rebalancing effects are obtained:

Feltlock boots FRONT:

- The magnet placed near the Yang SI meridian (Small Intestine - Ting SI1), acts on inflammatory processes and trauma, circulation on the neck and spine and against left-handedness.

- The magnet placed near the Yang TH meridian (Triple Heather (Triple Heater) – Ting TH1), acts on the anterior fetlock and against shoulder pain.

- The magnet placed near the Yin HT (Hearth) – Ting HT9 meridian acts on sore, inflamed and overtired muscles.

- The magnet placed near the Yang LI meridian (Large Intestine (Large Intestine) – Ting LI1), acts against shoulder-neck muscle spasms and against dogism.

- The magnet placed near the Yin PE meridian (Pericardium (Pericardium) – Ting PE9), acts on the hoof, on the anterior tendons and ligaments and against laminitis (acute and chronic inflammation).

- The magnet placed near the Yin LU (Lung (Lung) – Ting LU11 meridian) acts against tendon-muscular dysfunctions of the hoof and against shoulder pain.


Feltlock boots REAR:

- The magnet placed near the Yang LIV meridian (Liver (Liver) – Ting LIV1), acts on the fetlock, on the superficial muscles of the hips and on the rump-hip muscles.

- The magnet placed near the Yang KI meridian (Kidney (Kidney) – Ting KI1), acts on the fetlock, the bone and the posterior tendon.

- The magnet placed near the Yang SP meridian (Spleen (Spleen) – Ting SP1), acts against the excessive formation of synovial fluid and the muscles of the small and large psoas.

- The magnet placed near the Yin BL meridian (Bladder (Bladder) – Ting BL67) acts on the hoof.

- The magnet placed near the Yin GB meridian (Gall Bladder (Gall Bladder) – Ting GB44) acts on the hoof and lateral muscles.

- The magnet placed near the Yin ST meridian (Stomach – Ting ST45) acts against muscle and fetlock problems.



Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, which create a vasoconstrictor action (therefore slowing down vascular and lymphatic blood circulation, with consequent slowing down of cellular processes),magnetotherapy acts on pain and swelling, avoiding the unwanted effects of drugs, instead enhancing the regenerative processes:

-Analgesic effect;

-Anti-inflammatory effect;

-Increased microcirculation in the cartilage;

-Acceleration of the lactic acid absorption process;

-Acceleration of the process of eliminating toxins;

-Acceleration of the osteogenesis process;

-Acceleration of cellular processes.



Premise: an inflammatory process reduces blood circulation and therefore cellular oxygenation, weakening the entire organism and inducing cellular acidosis and therefore altering the pH. The body's pH in turn influences all pro-inflammatory processes, intestinal bacterial flora, etc. Therapeutic Support Boot therefore induce:

-Increased Blood Circulation ➡Increased OxygenationMinor Cellular AcidosisPH rebalancing + Bone Remineralization;

-PH rebalancingReduction of Inflammatory Processes + Rebalancing of Intestinal Bacterial Flora + Strengthening of the Immune System;

-Decreased Blood PressureCalming effect.



- Muscle, tendon and cartilaginous injuries;

- Inflammation of the ligaments;

- Bone Fractures;

- Osteoporosis.



- Accustom the horse with gradual sessions of use, as it may initially perceive a sense of slight tickling due to the increased localized blood flow. For the first few uses it is therefore recommended to monitor the horse to prevent it from damaging the magnetic devices.

- Can be used on horses of all ages and sexes, if necessary permanently when at rest.

- Wear only at rest, when the horse is cold, to avoid possible discomfort that could irritate its behavior.

- Not for use in paddocks or dynamic activities (e.g. walking, flat work, etc.)



- In the presence of lesions, do not use in the acute phase (first 5 days).

- Do not use in the presence of obvious bruises, open wounds, hemorrhages, injuries or untreated infections as the magnetic effect could contribute to expanding the area affected by these pathologies.

- Do not use in combination with anti-inflammatory or fluidizing drugs or ointments applied to the areas affected by the magnetic treatment.

- Do not use in the presence of pacemakers.

- Do not use during pregnancy.

- It is not a medical device.

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