Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler
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Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler

Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler

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SKU: Ice Blue Cooling Leg Gel

Quickly cools and soothes tired, hot and tired legs


Fast acting gel with a dispenser for easy use .
Can be diluted with water for an invigorating after-work shower ( dilute one part to nine parts cold water )
Contains arnica and witch hazel to help dispel heat and bruising .
Contains camphor and menthol.


Apply generously to the affected area for an immediate soothing effect . For best results , rinse and reapply every 4-8 hours.

Key ingredients

Menthol - ha soothing anti - inflammatory properties .
Camphor - has cooling properties and soothing .
Arnica - famous anti- inflammatory and with healing properties .
Witch hazel - a powerful astringent , ideal for swelling and bruising .
Tea tree oil - anti- bacterial and anti -fungal .


Quickly cools and soothes hot, tired or filled legs


Fast acting, easy to use leg cooler gel that quickly soothes hot, tired or filled legs. Ice Blue contains a number of premium active ingredients such as; arnica and witch hazel to help disperse heat and bruising; Menthol and camphor, to soothe and cool.; Tea Tree for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.


Apply neat to legs after heavy exercise and work on hard ground, or to kicks and knocks to cool and calm. No need to bandage, no mess. Ice Blue can also be diluted for use as a refreshing body wash. Contains camphor and menthol; please allow a withdrawal period of 1-2 weeks if competing under BHA rules.

Key Ingredients

• Menthol – has renowned soothing, anti-inflammatory properties.
• Camphor – has superb cooling and soothing properties.
• Arnica – renowned anti-inflammatory and bruise healing properties.
• Witch hazel – a potent astringent; ideal for swelling and bruises.
• Tea tree oil – anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Size: 500ml

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Ice Blue Cooling Leg Gel

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