Burioni heavy Saddlepad with 4 Kg Endurance weights

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endurance Saddlepad mod. HEAVY heavy.


SYNTHETIC FLEECE (in the area in contact with the horse): this material has been known for years in the medical field for its anti-decubitus properties, thanks to the hollow section fibre, it improves breathability and reduces pressure on the horse's hair. Material that has always been highly appreciated in the endurance discipline because it does not absorb water or sweat.

HIGH DENSITY GEL ( Saddlepad interior): very high density GEL used in the aerospace field for its high specific weight and for its ability to absorb shocks and bumps, different from lead which is a rigid body and has no shock absorbing capacity.

TT FABRIC (external side): the property of TT fabrics is that they have a cavity in their structure that allows free circulation of air, guaranteeing perfect breathability.

Furthermore, TT fabrics have the following characteristics:

They are HYGIENIC, their particular ventilated structure, in addition to reducing perspiration, avoids the stagnation of humidity inside the material, consequently reducing the formation of bacteria;

They are WASHABLE, due to the composition of their fibers they have extremely short drying times;

They are RESISTANT, given their composition in 100% PES;

They are RECYCLABLE, a now imperative requirement for the protection of the environment.

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