Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution

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The moisture and acidity of their boxing soil affects the soles and wishbones of our horses, often making them weakened or damaged.

HOOF SOLUTION has quickly become the most effective, fastest and easiest product to recover healthy feet.

HOOF SOLUTION is a product of natural origin. This age-old remedy has alchemical roots. Its particularly long, complex and laborious preparation made it disappear from popular tradition for 150 years.

From the first application, HOOF SOLUTION acts quickly; and for 24 hours, it acts as a dressing isolating the sole and fork from the external environment.

The healing of damaged tissue is therefore much faster thanks to its protective action of newly regenerated healthy tissue.

Its very simple use and its rapid action make HOOF SOLUTION an indispensable product recommended by all professionals for optimal healing.

Its regular application guarantees perfect foot hygiene for your horse.


Carefully brush the sole, gaps and fork (do not use water!), Remove dirt and necrotic tissue.

Before any application, shake the bottle for a few seconds to resuspend the active products.

- Preventive maintenance: 1 application per week.

- Broken forks: 1 application.

- Very damaged forks +++: 1 application per day for 3-5 days (depending on severity).

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