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saddle without quarters studied and designed for modern endurance , perfect for sitting and even suspended galloping.

It is equipped with a stirrup attachment adjustment system (it can be moved forwards and backwards) which allows it to satisfy the needs of any rider.

The cushions are made of Latex, a material known for its important shock absorber properties, which has the ability to evenly distribute the rider's weight without creating pressure points concentrated on the horse's back. Furthermore, they are wider and thinner than common cushions and this allows the use of particularly padded Saddlepad characteristic of the endurance discipline. Their shape allows the horse's shoulder to move freely without impediments and the wide channel between them leaves the spine free.

The leathers are completely made in Italy of high quality, the saddle tree is made of a very light and not very rigid composite material in order to better absorb stress.

It is possible to modify the opening of the tree based on the shape of the withers thanks to a press available in our production laboratory.

The saddle seat has protuberances, also made of latex, in correspondence with the rider's ischium which prevent discomfort during the competition. In the center of the seat there is a channel that avoids pressure on the coccyx.

The weight of the saddle is 3.9 kg.

All this allows the rider not to develop pain or discomfort during the competition and therefore to maintain a correct position in saddle without burdening the horse's back in the slightest.

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