Burioni Endurance Best Condition Saddlepad Without Gel


The choice of color refers to the TT fabric (blue part in the photo).


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endurance Saddlepad mod. BEST CONDITION PURE WOOL without Gel


PURE VIRGIN WOOL (in contact with the horse): this material of natural origin is recommended for the most delicate horses and particularly subject to bruises of allergic origin or due to rubbing. In fact, it may happen that some horses have an allergic reaction to particular synthetic materials, in which case using pure wool could be decisive.

DRY FIT (inner Saddlepad ): internal padding of the Saddlepad , the particular reticulated geometry makes this material extremely light, breathable, antibacterial, antifungal and quick drying.

TT FABRIC (outer fabric): the property of TT fabrics is that they have a cavity in their structure that allows free circulation of air, guaranteeing perfect breathability.

Furthermore, TT fabrics have the following characteristics:

They are HYGIENIC, their particular ventilated structure, in addition to reducing perspiration, avoids the stagnation of humidity inside the material, consequently reducing the formation of bacteria;

They are WASHABLE, due to the composition of their fibers they have extremely short drying times;

They are RESISTANT, given their composition in 100% PES;

They are RECYCLABLE, a now imperative requirement for the protection of the environment.

Saddlepad measurements: length 62cm, width 52cm Weight: 1.3 kg

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