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Integratore con biotina per la perfetta crescita dello zoccolo

SKU: Cornucrescine Hoof Supplement  /  Disponibilità prodotto: Sì  /   Produttore: CARR & DAY & MARTIN

Aiuta la crescita e mantiene sani tutti i tipi di zoccoli 6 kg

Prezzo online€76,00
Prezzo selleria: €99,00

Prodotto specifico per costruire e mantenere zoccoli forti e sani


     200 mg di biotina al giorno per un cavallo di 500 kg.
     Contiene una vasta gamma di ingredienti di qualità, formulati per aumentare l'assorbimento e il massimo vantaggio.
     Ideale per tutti i tipi di zoccoli. 
     Gradevole, facile da miscelare con mangimi.

Ingredienti chiave

     Biotina, zinco organico, metionina, Alavis metil sulfonil metano (MSM), calcio biodisponibile, olio di soia pieno di grasso, proteina di soia concentrata, magnesio, rame, iodio, vitamina C, manganese, selenio, yeasacc, cobalto.


Premium specification to build and maintain strong, and healthy hooves

Superior recipe delivers 200mg of biotin per day for a 500kg horse. Contains a broad range of quality ingredients, formulated at optimum levels for increased absorption and maximum benefit. Ideal for all hoof types, including dry & brittle and soft & crumbly hooves. This palatable, pelleted formula is easy to mix or feed alone.

For best results feed daily as part of total approach to hoof care. New healthy hoof growth will be evident within 3 months, although it can take between 9-12 months for a full new healthy hoof to grow. A 6kg tub will last for 30 days for an average 500kg horse.

Key Ingredients:

Biotin, organic zinc, methionine, Alavis™ methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM), bio-available calcium, full fat soya oil, soya protein concentrate, magnesium, copper, iodine, vitamin C, manganese, selenium, cobalt.

Size: 6kg

Technical Information: With up to date scientific research a total approach to hoof care is now recommended.

The four key factors which contribute to hoof horn quality and growth are genetics, farriery, nutrition and the effect of the environment that the horse lives in.

• Genetics: A horses’ genetic makeup will influence the quality of hoof that they can produce without external assistance. Some breeds are well known for their strong sturdy hooves and others are infamous for their thin, flaky feet.

• Farriery: The role of a farrier is essential. Regular shoeing is vital to minimise mechanical stresses from loose nails and prevents nail holes from becoming enlarged, which can provide an entry site and breeding ground for bacteria.

• Nutrition: Nutrition is essential for healthy hoof growth. Most horse owners are aware of the benefits of good nutrition but are not sure of which key ingredients to look out for.

Independent research has shown that biotin fed at 15mg per day for a 500kg horse will support horn growth. However, if fed alone biotin can be less effective than when combined with other nutrients that support and enhance its performance.

Cornucrescine Hoof Supplement contains numerous beneficial nutrients, together with a generous daily serving of 20mg of biotin. The benefits of supplying biotin are also maximised when it is fed alongside essential precursors such as zinc and methionine. Methionine is involved in the cross-linking of keratin therefore ensuring sturdy hoof horn. Similarly, zinc is involved in maintaining the structural integrity of the hoof wall. This is why we feed zinc and methionine, to ensure maximum benefit.

We’ve also included bioavailable calcium and quality protein, as several scientific studies have reported feeding these ingredients yielded beneficial effects on hoof horn quality and growth.

• Environment: The effect of the environment is one of the most important yet also most commonly overlooked factors to affect hoof health. The horses every day surroundings, such as the type of bedding used and the turnout conditions, will determine how much moisture the hoof is exposed to. A stabilised moisture content of 25% is desirable to maintain strong, healthy hooves. Therefore, it is essential to manage the external environment by applying an appropriate Cornucrescine dressing to either prevent or provide moisture to the hoof horn.

It is now widely recognised that a tailored approach to hoof management is necessary. Improved horn quality and growth can be encouraged and maintained by using our simple to follow Cornucrescine 3 Step System for healthy hooves.


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